Lines and verses

My love of poetry has always been known by those close to me and I feel it is time I added a page dedicated to the silky verses.I aim to make this page interactive..Yes..I would welcome poetic thoughts from my subscribers/followers and such works would be duly credited.So bring out the ink bottle and oh…It could be on any topic although I would be leaning towards the world of erotica as usual.

Sexuality can never be discussed if humans are removed from the equation hence the reason why my first post/poem will be on the essence of man,trying to understand the purpose of it all.For all my fans of erotica,do not fret,remember this is Playgrounderotica..pleasure remains our only rule.



I was crafted by God’s own hands

Warm  in the womb of her in a native land

My  carrier,praying in this world i would stand
Though  my entrance was anything but grand

As my days grew into years
My peace and comfort grew into fears
Trying ,hoping,to fit in with peers
Till my days ,filled with some smile yet much tears

As I trod the path I chose
Wanting in life to  cruise
Never hoping my feet to  bruise
Still my chances to use but many misused.

Now as I  pause to look  forward
Yet my eyes are pulled  backwards
That I am compelled to  look upwards
Asking,”Lord,why is the life of man so awkward”

Rezy Williams



Am not a fool,
Yet I will fall in love again
Not with you,but someone new..

Am not a slut,
So stop messing me up
Just like,
You always do..

Am not a child,
That you take for a ride
Am not a dog,
So don’t do what you like..

Am not so blind,
I can tell what’s right
Am not so cheap,
So stop telling those lies..

Am not so beautiful,
Yet someone else’s queen..

I might not be good enough for you,
Yet am glad to know
That all men,
Are not like you…

Nat Duperron



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