My Night Nurse

From a tender age,I have had this sexual fantasy of making love to a nurse in her whites or at least a lady dressed up as a nurse.Due to some funny twist of fate,I haven’t had this opportunity though some of my pals would never believe this after my considerable sojourn through the feminine world but it is what it is.
My big break came in the most awkward fashion.I haven’t been posting much recently and this is due to the fact that I had some health issues which required some bed rest,albeit against my wishes but on the insistence of my doctor,so before I could say ‘clinic’ I was in a private ward in the hospital (I have a generous boss).Like most hospitals,the nurses work in shifts but I soon found out that a certain Nurse Ruby had this look in her eyes when she’s at my bedside.
After some few days resting,I was told by the doctor that I would be leaving the hospital in two days time.That night while reading a novel,the door to my room was opened and Nurse Ruby walked in and closed the door behind her.I looked at my watch and saw the time was 1.08am,she walked to my bedside and reached across me, to fluff my pillows.In the process,her bountiful boobs were grazing my face casually .As she took all the time in the world to do this,my body started to respond in a natural way.I must tell you that this was a well-shaped,big breasted sexy lady putting on a tight-fitting uniform.I moved my hands slowly up to brush against her nipples to gauge her reaction.She just tilted her head to one side to look at me before going back to arrange that which was not even scattered.This added to my boldness,soon my fingers were cupping her boobs squeezing them firmly but gently,making her to moan softly.I moved my hands to undo the buttons of her uniform for easy access to her goldmine.As I pushed the uniform open,she had on a lace bra so it was almost see through.My eyes became glued to the softness and beauty in front of me.The full hard nipples ,inviting ..pulling my lips close as I pulled her close to brush my tongue over her nipples through the bra.I dropped her uniform from her shoulders,pulled her closer and reached behind to unclasp her bra .Slowly as i pulled the bra away,two of the most heavenly pair of boobs I have seen in a while came into full view.I placed her in a sitting position beside me on the bed.At this point my fingers were tracing butterfly lines along her inner thighs..caressing them softly while my lips and tongue moved to taste the firm hardness of her succulent mounds..sucking..licking..tasting..enjoying and loving every bit of it.
Her hands moved to my PJs to undo the strings and slip her fingers in to grab my little man who was hard and throbbing at this point.Slowly her hand moved up and down the length of my cock..caressing yet stroking..making the blood rush to my head,urging me to suck a bit harder on her lips moving round in circles ..kissing here and there..the faint salty taste of her nipples awakening my taste buds..making me want her more.I stood up from my bed ,push her back till she was resting on her elbows.I spread her legs apart,pushing the lower part of her uniform up to reveal such smooth thighs.I held her feet and begin to work my way up her the warmth and softness of her skin keep leading to her velvet center.Soon I was caressing her inner thighs as she arched her head back,eyes closed as she let out a soft but deep moan.My fingers toyed around the edges of her panties,caressing,teasing her.I let my fingers rest on her pubic mound,feeling her camel toe through her undies.I ran my fingers along this soft groove,stroking her through the fabric,watching her squirm and wriggle with pleasure.I reached and pull off her panties and tossed it on the bed at the same time lowering my lips to kiss and taste her inner thighs ,moving up..dropping butterfly kisses..licking ..sucking ..nibbling and tasting her sweet skin as I move to her hot and wet punani.I paused as my tongue brushed slightly over her honey spot,taking time to admire her even down there..Soft,wet and with that musky yet fragrant scent that makes me go crazy when I am in-between a lady’s legs.She wasn’t in the mood for all this as she pushed my head downwards as I hardened my tongue to meet her clit as I moved my lips and tongue downwards to run along the length of her pussy lips..tasking her and enjoying every bit of it.Using my fingers to push back her pussy lips to reveal her clit more..I begin to flick my tongue,rubbing it,teasing,sucking and softly nibbling on her juicy clit,the more I enjoyed her tiny knob,the more she spread and raised her legs ,dropping and raising them,more times than I can count.Soon,i was sucking and nibbling with my tongue and lips pausing only to rub on her clit with my fingers,switching the sensation,making her more wet,till she was shaking all over and soon she was squirting all over my face,her juices soaking my beard ,its warmness making me want her so much more (I love ladies that squirt).I bent her over my bed and slide in from behind and grabbing her waist,I begin to thrust in,moving my waist in and out,side to side,making sure I get to feel all parts of her honey spot.she moved her hips and waist in rhythm to my thrust and soon she had my cum rising and at the point ,my thrust had become faster and i kept going into her till i was shooting my cum into her and we crumbled into a heap.As soon as we were done ,she stood up and put on her clothes and left the room without saying a word.
The next day,I was discharged from the hospital and as I stepped out of the hospital,I was merrily whistling Gregory Isaac’s song ‘My Night Nurse’.

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