O men..Worship at the altar of the rack

No matter how much a man can claim to be an ass man, the fact remains that all men must kneel at the altar of the rack and I know we enjoy doing so. In fact,we knelt at this glorious altar when we were still babies .It is no secret that guys love groping and touching, yet most men are clueless when it comes turning ladies on by touching their tits.

The first step is seducing her mind,making her feel better about her sexuality. You could tell her that her breasts are epitomes of perfection and her mounds are the North Pole and your hands and lips are magnets and are always pulled to them. It should not be forgotten that both men and ladies have insecurities  so up your stakes  and compliment her assets.

As much as most ladies don’t like bras,don’t rush to take them off — beginner’s error. The key to great sex is to tease and touch her till that moment when she begs you to get to the next step. Start slow,kiss down her neck and slowly across the top of her chest,dropping butterfly kisses, dragging your tongue slightly to enhance the feeling of your breath against her skin.Make the feel of your touch natural to her skin and watch her open up and become more inviting.When she has warmed up to your touch,then the bra can come off.

When those twin works of art (her breasts) are finally free, pay close attention to how she reacts to your touch. Caress,feel, kiss,taste and massage. nibble on them ever so slightly yet gently. Flick her nipple with your tongue, but don’t fix your mouth on her nipple for too long, as that can be annoying or worse, childish and clingy. No two women are alike — and neither are their breasts so the trick is to try different touches to see which she enjoy most.I have been lucky to meet some ladies who enjoy the feel of air being blown softly and tenderly on their nipples in-between the sucking and the licking.It sort of allows them to catch their breathe and enjoy the whole ride.

So when next you are called to worship at that altar of the rack,make sure you add a bit of reverence,you will be surely favoured by the gods (ie the ladies) and you know how deities are when they are happy.