Where’s the restroom?

As we drove into the PTI conference centre,Effurun-Warri,the sound of the music blaring from loud speakers filtered into the car through the rolled up panes,my eyes roved ,looking for where to park ,pausing to steal a look at the lady sitting beside me in the car.My eyes look at her well sculptured face,highlighted by those sexy eyes,soften by her pout lips, her slim neck down to her full cleavage accentuated by a body fitting silk evening gown which rode up her hips to reveal soft creamy thighs that ended with perfectly shaped legs.I smiled to myself,she was what Tu baba would called an African queen,a Nubian princess.
I managed to find a spot to slot my car in, we got down and walked towards the direction of the music,the party seem to be in full swing now,a friend of mine was celebrating his birthday and extended an invite to me which I gladly honoured coupled with the fact that I had her as company, watching her walk alone,filled me with pride because few ladies at the party could match her beauty and poise.We were ushered to seats and refreshments came at a fast rate.Drinks and barbecued fish and meat were placed in front of us as if it was the Last supper and we weren’t going to get any more food in this life.
The party continued at this rate till the DJ played Davido’s hit track ‘Skelewu’,and boy oh boy,the groove climbed another notch.Everyone jumped out of their seats,shouting and gyrating to the beat.My companion looked at me,smiled and asked if I brought my dancing shoes, I needed no second invitation.We left our seats and we began to move in tune with the song,showing each other our dance moves, soon we were feeling each other up,enjoying the feel of each other’s body.
The DJ must be clairvoyant because he suddenly switched to a slow jam,affording us the opportunity to get more closer .We were more interested in each other than the party,maybe the liquor was settling in.She suddenly looked at me and said ‘I want you’, I replied that I want her more but when we get home.She shook her head and said now..she reached lower and felt my shaft..I looked around and took her by the hand and lead her away from the crowd,scanning for somewhere secluded.My mind thought of going to the car but it was parked far away.at that instance,my eye caught the restroom,it seemed scanty and I pulled her in that direction.As we moved towards the restroom,my mind tried to remember the conditions of the restrooms and I breathed a sigh of relief as the image of the constant neatness came to my mind.By now.we were walking in and after a quick glance around,we went into one of the men’s restroom and locked the door and turned on a tap to mask the sounds I know we will make.
Without wasting more time,we locked our lips,kissing passionately,tasting each others lips while our hands grope all over each other.My fingers reached down to run along her thighs,feeling its softness,as I work my way back up ,pulling her dress up to reveal her sexy thighs which spread out to form a pair of glorious hips,scantily wrapped in G-strings.My other hand fondled her breasts as she moaned and unbuckled my belt,reaching down to fish out my already hard dick which she started to stroke with passion causing my blood to rush more faster.Knowing that we didn’t have all the time in the world,my fingers slid in between her legs to feel her honey-spot and were soaked and moisten with her juices as I ran them along the lips of her pussy,pausing to squeeze on her clit.sexywoman
I turned her around,placing her hands on the wash basin,leaning her forward slightly as I dropped my trousers and boxers ,pulling her undies to one side,I slid in,enjoying the moist sweetness,oblivious to the sounds and murmuring outside.I start to thrust,moving my waist from side to side,my hands on her hips as she gyrated her waist to welcome every thrust,turning her head to look at me.As I slammed my dick into her,she leaned forward more,pushing her ass into me,bouncing and enjoying herself,soon I was going in faster and faster,my entry getting more slick as her juices flowed and soaked my dick.at this point she bent down to hold her feet to give me more access and the mere sight of her soft and large ass suspended in the air was enough motivation for me to deepen my thrusts,tighten my grip on her waist as we moved together,moaning and groaning ,her juices flowing more till I felt my cum rising and then I went stiff as I pumped my cum into her ,enjoying every final thrust as we climaxed together,our moans covered only by the running water.
After we cleaned ourselves and dressed up,I looked across at my wife and asked ‘Shall we?’ and she replied,’After you’ as we walked out to meet questioning gazes around us,which we simply ignored as we strolled back to our table.