Blame Nature..not me

I have been asked countless times why I decided to write about sex among the various topics that has been contemplated by the human brain and I say,’why not?’…after much thought,I keep reaching the conclusion that sex remains one of the most important topics to be discussed and I feel that it is not even talked about as much as it should ,rather humans prefer to perform the action yet shy away from even uttering a single word about it,no wonder the word ‘sex’ has more slang or code names for it than most words in the English vocabulary.
In this part of the world where I was born,the mere mention of sex or any of the genitals might earn you a thunderous slap from an elderly one if you are not lucky or if you are with your peers,then you are instantly branded as loose and promiscuous. Ironically,this has not always been the case in Africa, looking back into the history of various tribes,we hear of initiation rites into manhood,which is done at puberty,after which the initiates are considered men and told all a man needs to know and function properly as a man and a member of the society.we are told how our forefathers took many wives and bore many children.Such a society wouldn’t  frown on the discussion of sex or the art of procreation,so why the present taboo on the notorious three letter word.
Religion has painted sex in the darkest of light and one might be tempted to think the sex or procreation wasn’t part of God’s plan for humans but we can read part of that plan at Gen 1,verse 28 (KJV); where we were given the divine command to multiply and be fruitful and fill the earth.Yet,most religions have made sure that sex is tagged as dirty but we are told to save it for marriage,in other words,for that one person whom we truly love.Yea,I  get confused myself.In fact, the words of Butch Hancock exemplifies my thoughts further when he said,  ”…Life in Lubbock, Texas, taught me two things: One is that God loves you and you’re going to burn in hell. The other is that sex is the most awful, filthy thing on earth and you should save it for someone you love.”
This piece is not meant to bash at religion but merely to emphasize the need for our society to be be more enlightened sexually,for sexual issues to be discussed freely among parents,guardians and the youths or children because the older ones are in a better position to offer advice on sex and its pleasure but how can this be possible if the grown ups don’t  even have an idea what sex is all about or don’t feel free to discuss it as if it would bring down the wrath of God.I am of the opinion that sex education should be taught as a separate  subject in our schools.Slow down,before I am taken to the stake to be burned,it should be noted that morals are getting lower by the day,teenage pregnancies are on the rise and STDs abound yet sex is still mentioned in hush tones.Is it not possible that this is the case as a result of ignorance?that the youths are left to a situation where it becomes more of an experiment to see what all the fuss and secrecy is all about?

Besides, Beverly Mickins ,talking about the American education system couldn’t have put it more aptly when she said ” Conservatives say teaching sex education in the public schools will promote promiscuity. With our education system? If we promote promiscuity the same way we promote math or science, they’ve got nothing to worry about.”
I could go on and on to espouse why sex should be discussed more and freely but I might run out of steam so I want to part with the words of Don Schrader ”To hear many religious people talk, one would think God created the torso, head, legs and arms, ..but the devil slapped on the genitals. ” As for me,call it a personal crusade but I will continue to do my bit in educating anyone who wishes to listen that sex is pleasurable and meant to be enjoyed by two consenting adults who have a good knowledge of erotica.On the issue of sex, You will never be ashamed to pen my thoughts,in fact, I would be in the exalted company of a great Italian writer ,Pietro Aretino who once said ”Why should I be ashamed to describe what nature was not ashamed to create…?”

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You like my cooking?

It was one of those unbearable days when the scorching heat of the oil city of Warri becomes unbearable and all one wants to do is dip oneself in a pool while nursing a cold drink. That is of course if you have a pool and Sasha Efe didn’t. However, from her bedroom window she could see her neighbor Preye Franklin lounging beside one in his duplex in Bendel estate.

He hardly really chatted with the widowed businesswoman who lived in the next property. She seemed to walk about with her head held high and even when he tried to say hi, she never answered him. However, soaked in sweat and hating her late husband for not having the foresight to install a pool before he passed away, she had to take the dive – as it where, and carefully called out to the man next door.

“Good day– Mr. Franklin.”

Preye looked up to see the ebony bombshell leaning over from her balcony.

“I know it’s might sound presumptous but would you mind if I took a short swim in your pool.”

It was as hot as hell that day he would probably would have allowed someone with the bubonic plague into the pool and so in spite of the fact he found it a bit annoying that the lady who had ignored all his attempts to be friendly was now doing a little pleading, he said OK.From his house,he had noticed her,scantily dressed while moving about in her yard before but when she came through the gate and walked over he was astonished. Her bikini top strived to keep her bountifully endowed bosom from jumping out and the bottom half, which looked like the edge of a handkerchief, had much the same problem covering her velvet patch.

“Thank you so much..I was being roasted alive by the heat,” she smiled as she slid slowly into the pool, “Even my air conditioning isn’t working properly,it seems to have a mind of its own.

When Sasha lowered herself into the clear water her already big tits were more magnificent and Preye was beginning to feel hard but as he sipped on his Becks he thought that the chances of him getting into her little triangle groove was slim or next to nothing. She swam around for a while rubbing her supple body all over with her hands,cooling her body then she went under the water and when she came up to the surface again she had a smile on her face and she blessed the first person to think of a swimming pool in her heart.

Preye asked her if she cared for a drink and they ended up submerged in the water sharing a drink and gisting.

“It funny how the pursuit of money sometimes helps to pay for one pleasure and deprive you of another,” she said, “You can’t make new friends very easily because you are so busy and men seemed to be really afraid of dating someone with my status as an independent lady.”

Preye couldn’t believe that a woman as beautiful as her would have any difficulty dating and to prove it he asked her if she would have dinner with him. Sasha looked at him with a questioning look on her face.

“Are you asking because you have a kind heart and pity a lonely lady or you figure it might be easy to taste my honey spot.”

Preye was clearly stunned by her blunt nature, “No – we live next to each other, we’re getting along together, why not enjoy a nice dinner somewhere.”

“I have a better idea?” she asked

“ listening.”

“Allow me cook dinner for you as I enjoy the atmosphere of your nice air conditioned house and afterwards you can find out if my honey spot can be tasted.”

Preye felt an adreniline rush and his dick was growing harder by the minute. When they climbed out of the pool the obvious protusion in his swimming shorts certainly didn’t escape her notice.

“I think you’d be more at ease if you had an appetiser before dinner – don’t you.”She looked down at it and smiled,

Sasha slipped out of her skimpy bikini as they moved towards each other and he had dropped his shorts before they stopped in front of a beach chair which was beside the pool.She signaled to him to sit on the chair.

Preye threw himself on the chair and lay there with his dick pointing to the sky,nodding in anticipation. She laughed when she saw it and knelt in front of him and took it straight into her mouth.The taste of chlorine still lingered but the taste of a hard warm cock kept her sucking – and Sasha loves the taste of a hard dick on her tongue. She asked him to spread his legs as she stopped sucking,She then moved her hands between his legs. Her left hand gently fondled his balls while her right proceeded to stroke him,teasing the tip of his dick which she made slick by wetting it with her tongue pausing to tickle his asshole from time to time as he moaned with pleasure.

Slowly she caressed his dick,working it like a professional…teasing..touching..rubbing till all you could hear from him was grunts and moans.,

Preye was ready to cum from the very first minute she held it in her hand and as she worked his little man skilfully the need became more intense. When he couldnt take it no more,he shot his cream,spraying it all over the tiles next to the pool but he couldn’t have cared less.

when he could breathe again he turned over onto his back and drew Sasha up towards him so that her big tits were in front of him.His lips and tongue brushed across her now erect nipples,pausing to suck each nipple as if was an oxygen tank. As he sucked, licked and fondled them she kept making little sensual whimpering sounds. Then, when he grabbed onto the cheeks of her ass and slid himself between her legs so that her damp steamy slit was over his mouth ,she began to make sounds and say words that might never be deciphered.

In no time,her pussy was getting really soaked as his lips nibbled at her pink entrance and his tongue explored the inner depths. As he went on teasing and tasting her cunt, He did it so well it was only a short time before she shouted, “O mehn,” but he wasnt done,he moved his tongue to her clit and began to stroke it with the velvety feel of his tongue,licking slow,enjoying every single lick and taste till her body began to vibrate and jerk. She slid her ass up and down, pressing her pussy down over his mouth and nose,leaving traces of her juices all over his lips and nose.

Preye couldnt wait to slip his dick inside her warm valley but before he could make a move in that direction she adjusted her body so that her cunt lips was brushing on the tip of his cock. With a naughty look on her face, she paused over him for a moment and then she lowered herself unto his throbbing shaft.He seem to gasp for air as she dictated each thrust with the most erotic movement ever seen by him,moving her waist to enjoy the feel of his hard dick inside her.

Holding him back with her hands, she rotated her ass in every direction imaginable. He wanted to cum so badly that he began to thrust his ass too but she wasnt having any of that.She planned to be in control till the end.

She moved fast,she moved slow, At last,he felt his passion rising,his balls bulging with the oncumming deluge .Sasha sensed that he was about to dump his load and she tightened the grip on his fingers,held him down and increased the pace. She was moving up and down on his dick now as if she was riding a racehorse and when he did explode inside of her she got so excited she began to yell and shake uncontrolably as she experienced a mindblowing orgasm.

They both slid into the pool to cool off..she swam over to him ”Did i tell you that i always cook a three course meal?”

”No you whats next on the menu?” he asked

“A hot sausage but ironically,only I get to eat it while you enjoy the pleasure of watching me eat,” she winked and giggled, “I hope you’ll love my cooking?”

“Surely But i might have to drain the pool afterwards..dont want semen floating around,” he said.

”After am done,there won’t be any floating around” she said as she pointed to her open mouth ,submerging herself in front of him as he let out a sigh of pleasure.Well,he was never one to argue or refuse blissful pleasure…he could get use to this kind of cooking.