Sex is passion!!!!

If you know you are younger than 18 & your religion forbids sexual education or orientation or you are an hypocrite, please don’t read further.

Guys – just becos you’re pumping fast doesn’t mean you’re fucking her good. you have to please that pussy man! nice & slow;

Ladies – Don’t just lay there screaming like a helpless, paralysed person get up on that sweet dick & show him that there ain’t no pussy better than yours.00x0x_4fJ89YvllRU_600x450

Guys – Stop fucking around, look for a decent girl that fits your personality or style & get married. I know its tough but at least try & live responsible!!

Guys – masturbation is wrong. It destroys dick muscles & would make you impotent or cause quick ejaculation.[so I heard]

Ladies – Always talk dirty to your man, it drives them crazy.

Guys Love Bitches. Say something like “baby, my pussy is all wet in there, come get it”… Even if the dude is at work, he’ll wrap it up fast & rush home.

Guys – Don’t play songs if you can only make it through 2 tracks.

Ladies – the more spit on the dick, the better the blow job!

Guys – stay away from sex for about 1 or 2 weeks & see how the sex would be. Always figure out the style that makes her cum & always use that 2 satisfy her….

Guys – Don’t just leave her like a piece of wood after spilling all that into her, cuddle her & tell her how sweet or bad she tasted after pumping into her.

Ladies – Always tell him how good he rides you, make him know there are not any other guy better than him.

Guys – Avoid some words during sex.



Ten minutes of multiple orgasm is better than 3 hours of no cum.

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