Dirty Dancing Part 2

His mouth getting dry as she continued to tease him without ceasing.she stood erect and took a few steps backwards,smiled,allowing him to catch his breathe.She opened her closet and brought out two silk scarves and began swaying to the beat ,the soft sound of Enya’S music controlling her every move as she glided,moved and twirled the scarves as she got closer to him,bending over to kiss his wrist,her lips floating over,her tongue brushing over his skin as She wound the silk over his wrist,binding his arm to the chair.Slowly she traced kisses up his arm,moving with the grace of a goddess,pausing right next to his ears as she nibbled and teased his ears,moving to the other ear as she worked her way down,dropping butterfly kisses along the path to the other wrist which she bound also.She slowly took off her nightie and let it drop to the floor and stood in front of him in all her glory as the dim light seem to illuminate her soft skin making her seem godlike as she continued her movement to the sound of the music.He remained seated,his chest expanding as he had to take deeper breathes to sustain the passion and urge running through his veins.She stopped right in front of him and turned round swaying her softly,each beat and musical sound bringing out an erotic signal from her,slowly she leaned forward till her fingers were touching her tongues yet the swaying hips continued causing him to groan with mad pleasure. Eyes going watery, lips parched as he stared straight at her feminine glory..her soft, juicy cunt; wet and pulsating yet inviting..she continued her erotic torture of him as she stretched her limbs,flowing with the beat.

She came to sit on his lap,gyrating her waist on his groin..feeling his erect cock through his boxers shorts,she placed her hands on the arm rest of the chair as she moved her hips and ass in every erotic and seductive manner till he let out a loud groan and screamed out loud “please put an end to this because I don’t know how  much i can take..” She burst into laughter as she slid off his lap,dropping to her knees in front of him,pulling down his boxers to set free his hard dick,which She teased with her tongue before straddling him with her arms hooked around his neck and shoulders,his face resting in between her cleavage,squeezed on both sides by two perfectly chiseled breasts as she lowered her hot and wet pussy on his throbbing cock as she began to grind her pelvis against his,taking his full length into her,his
grunting increased by each grind of her hips…She moved like a racehorse jockey,her body lifting and saddling,taking him deeper with each movement..while all he could do was groan and moan out loud as he felt his seeds rising as he shoots his cum into her…All the tension flowing out as she rode him till he jerking and groaning .She got off him turned and walked into the bathroom,closing the door behind her.

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