Dirty Dancing Part 1

As she moved her hips to the soft sound of the music playing in the background,her figure caught in the dim light of the well furnished room.Her body twist and turn to each thump of the beat,each seductive twist and turn sent out her primal female scent,wooing any male to come closer.
With her eyes on the guy in the chair,her hands moved slowly up her body,caressing her soft hips,brushing up her silky negligee, revealing her inviting skin,soon covered up as the gown falls back into place as her fingers cup her boobs as she lowers her waist closer to the floor ,buoyed by the music and as she stood up she moved closer to the chair seating her object of seduction and positioned herself in front of him,pulled a chair closer and backed her audience and with straight legs,she bent forward slightly,looking back at him with lustful eyes as she caress her bottom stopping to give it gentle slaps,that action brought a smile to his face with she noticed and being ever so naughty,still with her back to him,she gently swayed from her her ankles,parting her legs slowly,bending over till her arse was staring him right in his face,with her juicy spot peeping out from underneath the nightie.she held this pose for a while swaying  her hips to the soft music suddenly she bent a knee to the side and stretch the other to the other side.Her fingers slowly moving up her outstretched leg,caressing,feeling,touching as her hands moved to her inner thighs,running her soft fingers here and there,pausing to brush slowly her pussy lips ,cocking her neck backwards to look at him before slapping her arse hard which brought another smile to his face.
She moved into the space inbetween his knees,stood erect and lifted her nightie over her head before leaning forward to place her hands on either side of the chair.Slowly,she pushed her breasts toward his face,his nose nestled in her sumptous cleavage,filling it with her seductive feminine scent as she began to brush his nose from side to side..up and down with the tip of her nipples,he brought up a hand which she tapped away,shaking her head.she straighten herself and moved closer to him,gently rubbing her knee against his groin,leaning towards his ears to nibble and suckle them..blowing air into them,Thongs-19-560x552his breathing getting more rapid and heavy

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