Erotic state of mind

All events start in the mind through the thinking of an idea and the world of erotica and the attainment of sexual pleasure is not left out.Every sexual pleasure derived all starts with the flick of hair or the look in each others eyes which gets a whole lot of ideas spinning in the head.

I always tell my friends that the best way to enjoy the pleasures the  human body brings,one must develop the act in his/her mind,creating a vivid imagery of how you would want the experience to go ,leaving room for improvising if everything doesn’t go according to plan.Allowing your imagination to roam free before the actual act or even during the act broadens the possibilities of the immense pleasure to be derived,your mind creates different scenarios ,tossing them in your mind ,weighing them mentally to get to the one which you hope might give you the best mind blowing sex you’ve ever had.

So when next you are in for some good time between the sheets,just get your imagination working ahead so by the time the lights go out ,you will be in that erotic state of mind.

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