Make love to her mind before her body

I never really believe one can be so verse in any field to be considered an expert but that’s my own opinion.When it comes to sex,I still hold the same view,its more of ‘what works’ than ‘what’s right’ but when a guy has his eyes on a lady he wants to take to bed,he should focus more on her mind than her body;Undress her mind and she will undress herself.
Women are moved by what they hear as opposed to men who are turned on by what they see hence women wear make up and men lie.That said,the best way to get into a lady’s lingerie is through her head.Most young men make the mistake of sending nude pictures to impress a lady.If you are guilty of such,never do that again.women have vivid imaginations and they like using it so don’t kill the fun for them.The minute you walk up to a lady and she looks into your eyes {if you are a male},be sure she knows what you after but she just wants to see how good a hunter you are,how good you are romantically.No matter how loose a lady is,she has some feminine pride and she wants to see some mental effort before you go down there.
A survey I conducted among my female friends showed that no woman wants to be told point blank that you desire her sexually,there should be some subtleness about the whole affair.Use your words to create suspense,arouse her mind and you make her wet in-between her thighs.Fill her with anticipation,if you are good with words,wait for the right moment,cue a topic leads to another,then tell her beautiful she is or how sexy she looks and how your mind is filled with so much ideas about her.Trust me,she would want to know those ideas,then you proceed with the right choice of words to paint a vivid picture of what you want to do to her when the opportunity arises,watching her as you do so,to know what brings out that glint in her eyes.With words chosen carefully ,you stimulate her mind,leaving her wondering how good the real thing might be.At that point,you are half way to the promise-land.
Like I said,these are not the words of an expert but of a brother who has used this method to achieve numerous success,not because am Adonis but simply because of a fair knowledge of the female psyche.For more tips and more visit and


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