Lets talk about ‘Sex’

The Aimagesmerican hip hop trio of the 90’s called Salt n Pepper released a track called ‘let’s talk about sex’ which sold a lot,the opening lines of the chorus gives a pointer to where this article is heading.For those who remember..’lets talk about sex baby,lets talk about you and me..lets talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be..lets talk about sex!!!’

I was chatting with a friend some days back and I referred her to my blog ,which she visited and when I ask for her views on it,she replied that she didn’t care for its content,I was forced to ask her why and she said it didn’t seem right for one to be discussing or writing about sex,that such a person may be regarded as a pervert.I duly explained to her my views on talking about sex and made her understand that nothing offensive or inhuman will be found on my blog. Such view prompted me to express myself the only way I can (through written words).

We live in a world where sex is used to sell everything from toothpicks to cars. Yet fear and silence around sex and sexuality also permeate our culture to the extent that we can’t even express normal sexual feelings. Its a shame that teens and youths are paying a high cost for this silence in unintended pregnancy, STDs, and even HIV. And globally, taxpayers are paying billions to treat these entirely preventable problems.

Sexuality is seen everywhere we turn.Infact,the word which has the fastest attention grabbing rate is undoubtedly SEX so why the silence when we should be free to talk about it in a healthy way.In humans ,the three most innate instincts remain survival,feeding and sex yet the human race due to a notion of propriety and morals have shielded its teens and the society at large from discussing what should be discussed more, for better understanding and the removal of the mystique surrounding the topic.

Parents the world over, hardly talk about sex to their children,and even if they do,its like instilling a vow of abstinence on the kids.The rate at which society progresses technologically has made some methods that used to work become obsolete.The internet has ushered in new ways and the best way to keep our children safe and responsible is by educating them whenever the opportunity arises.The power of peer pressure should never be underestimated.A child is most likely to discuss sex and sexuality with his/her peers if it seems that such an audience will be not be given at home or regarded as a taboo but such a situation will be like the case of a blind man leading another which we all know won’t end well.

For adults who truly don’t know  that they should be talking openly and factually with young people about sex and sexuality or don’t know how important that is,now is the time to have a new mindset and approach.I know,I know,its not going to be easy to just walk up to someone and start such discussions but we all know that topics tend to delve  into such areas,so with a bit of decorum,sex related matters can be brought up.Ironically,even adults find it difficult to hold conversation once the issue sex is brought up which is not surprising because most of us have been brainwashed from infancy that sex or even the discussion about is a taboo.This lack of expression has lead to failed marriages because we have couples who tend to drift apart due to inactivity in their sex life and the inability to discuss the subject freely with their spouse leads to a loss of that important emotionally connection.In Africa,we have scenarios where a lady is perceived as loose because she isn’t shy to talk about sex or her sexuality,which is wrong.Yes,that was the norm in the years past but right now,each and everyone should be free to express his/her sexuality via words at least,as long as it doesn’t affect the morals of others or view as offensive for the African adage says ‘what someone knows doesn’t kill him’


This issue is one that will always be debated and discussed but I must point out at least that sex/sexual topics  isn’t going anywhere so its best we equip ourselves with as much knowledge possible to deal with the new sex vogue,after all,it is said one shouldn’t go to war with a leaking ship.

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Do you understand ‘womanese’?

images (1)Time and again,men have bemoaned the fact that they cannot understand the mood of ladies,let alone,know what they want.I tend to call this inability,the lack of fluency in ‘womanese’ but the hilarious part is that I don’sensoust think any man will be ever fluent in this language,at most,you just need to have a workable understanding of how women think and do things.

The make up of a woman’s psyche is much different from that of a man.Woman are implusive creatures by nature so their behaviour and reactions vary from time to time.On this issue,I may only be able to recommend that one takes the time to understand the basic traits in women,study and identify them in any woman you dating at a particular time,then use your discretion to know if she is speaking ‘womanese’ when she talks or its plain ole’ English.Whatever you do fellas,just make sure you are speaking the language she  speaks

His needs Her needs Part Two

Williams pulled her close as his lips moved to her neckline,inhaling the sweet scent of her Chanel perfume,his tongue drawing sweet lines along her neck,dropping butterfly kisses as his hands moved over her firm body ,coming to rest on her supple breasts as Sade moaned with pleasure as she pulled him to her and groped to feel his hardness and press her pelvis to him and began moving it in circular motion.Williams moved his lips and tongue to her shoulders as his hands moved to her back to unclip her bra to show two glorious mounds,for two seconds,Williams was stunned with such beauty and perfection.Like one in a trance,he moved his lips to taste the erect buds,letting out a groan of pleasure at the succulent taste of her skin.Slowly,firmly but passionately,he suckled like a newborn as Sade craddled his head to her chest,moaning,making soft sweet delicious sounds that the English language havent found words for yet.Williams moved from one nipple to the other,pausing to caress,lick and tease her full breasts till it got to a point where Sade lifted his head to kiss him full on the lips,tasting,licking,sucking and teasing with her tongue,searching for his’.They were locked in such an embrace of passion as the rain pounded on the rooftop of the classroom.
Williams pulled away gently before tracing kisses down to her belly button,his hands moving down to her arse,caressing the firm softness,squeezing them as she squealed with pleasure.His hands stopped at the band of her lace undies,pulling them down off her full hips to reveal her in all her glory…a plush velvety trim covered her sweet spot..so inviting that he knelt before her like one worshiping a goddess,he pushed her back till her butt was on a chair as he spread her legs wide to reveal a cunt that could make a gay guy reconsider..clean,nice shave and so wet and juicy that Wiliiams was confused where to start but being a guy with game he began to kiss her inner thighs,moving closer to that spot,caressing with his fingers as Sade wriggled and squirmed under his touch,mouthing such words as ‘Damn..fuck..is this real..mahn..you killing me so bad’..As his head moved closer to her cunt,he paused to inhale the sweet scent of her pussy,dripping wet with juices and anticipation..His tongue paused at her clit,already swollen with desire,to take a slow lick,tasting,teasing.Gently but as sure as a man enjoying a gourmet meal,he began to caress her clit and cunt with lips and tongue,kissing,sucking,sliding in and out,as if on a mission to know all the soft fleshy parts of her down there.At this point,Sade was going mad with esctacy,her mind and body closer to orgasm than she had ever been..She spread her legs wider,caressing his head as her fingers moved through his hair,pulling him close,urging him deeper.Suddenly she pushed him away,seeing the suprised look on Williams’ face she said..’if you are not going to fuck me,you might as well kill me cuz you doing that already…by the way,hope you’ve got back up?’ Williams smiled and pulled out a condom which he was about to tear open when Sade stopped him saying ‘not yet’ with a mischievious look in her eyes.Her hands reached down to feel his throbbing flesh,as her hands stroked him,he became harder till he began to groan audibly,almost dying with passion….but Sade wasn’t done yet.She knelt down and took his dick slowly into her mouth,caressing the length with her lips as she did.One of her hands cupped and squeezed his balls ever so gently as not to hurt but firm enough to make him want to explode his cum into her mouth..infact she was begining to taste his pre-cum.As she sucked on his dick, licking it like a juicy lollipop,caressing his balls and stroking his shaft,the feeling was becoming too much for Williams that he had to blurt out ‘You had better stop if we still have plans of fucking this night cuz with those lips of yours,am gonna cum any minute.’
Sade rose to her feet,smiling and asking,’How do you want it?’ They both kicked away their undies as he slipped the condom on,before sitting her down on a desk and spreading her legs as he slid into her.Both let out a sigh of pleasure,followed by moans from her and grunting and groaning from him as he thrust into her,his waist moving in circular motion,his dick caressing the length of her pussy..moving in tandem with the thunderclaps.He lifted her legs unto his shoulder and leaned forward,moving deeper now,his thrusts more passionate while Sade raised her legs higher and wider as if it was anymore possible..In and out,round and round,flesh upon flesh,the only sound present was the rain and the primal sound of two bodies entwined in that age old erotic dance known to man.
On and on they went,exploring,caressing,feeling,touching and loving every bit of it.Sade,a lady who knows how to enjoy her sex was soon straddling Williams,her pussy grinding into him as she held his head to her breasts,urging him to suck on her nipples,rolling her hips and waist to get maximum pleasure.Soon she was moving faster,bouncing on his dick,her passion growing stronger,she was feeling an orgasm coming,she kept bouncing on him,then she jumped off,saying,begging ‘please i want to cum..come and suck me,please,please!!’..Willly gladly went down on her and he had hardly started on her clit when he felt her go stiff,then she arched her back and let out a scream that would have been heard in the hostels if it wasn’t for the rain.Slowly her juices flowed unto his lips,filling his lips and tongue with her sweetness as he sucked her dry while she shudder with pleasure,esctasy and satisfaction.
Slowly she stood up,walked over to a chair,grabbed it and leaned over,turning her head to look behind,she said ‘I hope you not waiting for a special invite?’ Without further encouragement,he moved over to her and slid in..the warm wetness of her making him more harder,his latex covered dick probing deeper now as he grabbed her waist tighter with each thrust,pounding her as if hee was drilling for crude oil.She move her hips to welcome each thrust,followed by a sigh of pleasure each time he penetrated.Like a movie script written to perfection,with each penetration the rain reduced till he was pounding her so fast,feeling his cum rising,and her approaching her next orgasm that at the sound of that thunder that signifies the end of a storm,both jerked,let out their cum and lay entangled on the chair,the silence punctuated only by the sound of receding rain drops.
In silence,they dressed up,picked up their books and started walking towards the door of the classroom when at he door Williams turned to her and said ‘Forgive my manners..the name is Williams’ stretching out a hand.Sade took the hand,smiling and replied ‘Am Sade, its a pleasure meeting you’, as William walked away,he said ‘Trust me,Sade,pleasure doesn’t even do justice to our meeting’


Poetry at its best

Raj Suraj's Blog


Once upon a fairy phase in life
I lived  and breathed innocence
twas a perfect world…a free world
Filled with fantasies and fairy tales…
Then gradually…
…the fairy me began to slip away…

Until reality struck me unaware
And I gasped in surprise
Then my little breast begun to wake and a strange thought sent sweets down my spine…I smiled.
I begun to feel like a charged electron attracting the opposite
Then a quivering impulse sent shocks down my waist,
Across my abdomen…down, down, down…
A lower me then gets up and greet me.
He stands, and I tremble before him
“Who are you strange fellow?”
He is wordless but sultry and vast
And I can’t make him go
“What do you want from me you lustrous one?”
He is still silent and shapeless.
Oh how beautiful he is!
Without sound, without eyes, without hands;
Yet like a flame he…

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Mad men and the women who put up with it…REALLY???

Culture Monk

costa rica 1

By Kenneth Justice

Wow! Look at the butt on that one!” he said crudely

~ At one of the coffee shops I frequent, there’s often a group of middle-aged guys who hang out together on the patio. I’ve never really ‘clicked’ with this particular group for a variety of reasons, but mostly it’s because these guys are really nothing more than gawkers alley; they hang out together in the evening to watch the women that walk by and to quietly gawk and talk about them.

—) “Wow! Look at the butt on that one!

—) “God, only I could take her out back for a while

—) “I’d love to show that one a thing or two about being with a man

That’s just a sampling of the PG-rated material that oozes from their mouth at various intervals throughout an evening…

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